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  • How does my deposit work?
    We ask for $100 NON refundable deposit on all parties. Balance of parties are due at least one week prior to the party. Cancellation deadlines: 30 days from date of party = Full refund 2 weeks from date of party = Half refund 1 week our from party = No refund
  • How do I book a party?
    The best way to book a party is through one of many ways -calling or texting 804-683-6813 -emailing -messaging us on Facebook (
  • What is the difference between a standard party and a deluxe party?
    *$399 standard party includes (10 children) • Pizza for 10 • juice boxes / water • dedicated gift opening time with VIP treatment • dress up for all the guests • themed activity for all the guests • online invite via email to guests • photo-op for the whole party *499 deluxe party includes (10 children) • pizza (2 large pizza) • juice boxes / water • dedicated gift opening time with VIP treatment • dress up for all the guests • themed activity for all the guests • online invites for all guests • photo-op for the whole party • choice of dessert: ice cream or cupcakes • Trip to the build your own candy drop station • goodie bags for all the guests *ADDITIONAL CHILDREN ARE $20 PER CHILD
  • How do I pay for my party?
    Payment will be through an emailed invoice or via online at time of booking. The deposit (HALF OF PARTY FEE) will be paid when the party is booked as a reserve cost. The remainder of the payment will be paid within one week of the party.
  • Can I bring outside food or beverages?
    Yes! For all standard parties you can bring your own food or beverages to be eaten in the cafe area. This is subject to alteration on a per case basis to be discussed when booking your party!
  • How does a normal party work?
    To start, you and your guests will arrive about 15 minutes early to get settled before the party begins. Next, you and your guests will go over a few rules for the party and get your A Party Playhouse Photo-Op taken. Before you begin your party with dress up according to theme for all the children. Following this, you will enter your party room which will include your main activity and a small add on activities. Next, you will enter the cafe for your food and beverage break along with whichever dessert chosen for a Special Happy Birthday Song. Lastly, your child will open their gifts with VIP treatment with assistance taking gifts to your vehicle.
  • What is the protocol for food or beverage allergies?
    At A Party Playhouse, we aim to create the best party experience so we make sure to take our guest needs very seriously. While filling out the RSVP form you and your guests will disclose any allergy information thus we can accommodate accordingly.
  • How do the invitations work?
    When you book your party, please tell the party planner you wish to have invitations. We will send an electronic version of the invitation to be sent to your guests. We ask that RSVP be sent to us as well. We handle the rest!
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